Open up to the world


This program is directed to all preschool, primary and high school students.

The funding period for 2019-2020 is now open! Click on the funding request link below. We look forward to receiving your applications.

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Again this year, thanks to the support of Canadian Heritage through its program, « Youth take charge », the program « OPEN UP TO THE WORLD » adds a new component. All year round, in addition to financing youth projects in schools and accompany them through their development process, workshops and conferences as well as extracurricular activities will be offered by our educational coordinator in both official languages. These workshops, which mainly aim to sensibilize the young Quebecers to a better social integration, also addresses the initial themes of the program although these following angles are prioritized:

  • History and heritage;
  • Civic engagement and youth service;
  • Economic activities; and
  • Arts and culture

Inspired by the 2002 Millennium goals and 2016 sustainable development goals (OMD and ODD), the projects topics supported by “OPEN UP TO THE WORLD” allow to reflect on these following concerns:

  • Children’s games in the world
  • Basic education in the world
  • Racism
  • Fair trade
  • Immigration
  • Health, nutrition and sanitary crisis
  • Religions around the world, differences and similarities
  • Children’s condition (wars, exploitation, etc.)
  • Gender equality (girls and women’s condition)
  • Human rights
  • Democracy, political systems
  • Environment issues
  • Globalization, distribution of wealth, social classes, segregation, power
  • Poverty here, close to your neighborhood
  • Prejudices, tabous and stereotypes

To book a workshop in your school, please write us at

We believe that the problems related to multicultural cohabitation are fed by the ignorance and misunderstanding of the rest of the world. Therefore, we are convinced that it is by raising awareness, openness and education to other citizens of the world that the young generations will be led to global respect and cooperation. So, joining the inherent philosophy of JEUNES-PROJET Foundation , the projects developed by the very young people remain, for us, the base of this openness to the world and the nurturing of awareness towards peace, also allowing oneself as belonging to Canadian society.

Before submitting your financing application (menu to the right), consult the admission criteria and budget template.

The maximum amount given for a project is $200 for an individual project or team, and $400 for a class project, cycle or school.

We will process your request as soon as we receive it, and we will respond within the next two weeks with the final answer, at the same time as the first cheque payment. That way, you can start at once the realization of your project.

Up to you now to develop your project! We look forward to hear from you!