Contest A picture is worth a thousand voices

Contest A picture is worth a thousand voices

In today’s Quebec landscape, as a Quebecer from here or abroad, how do you play your part?

What does Quebec look like in your own eyes today?

How do you perceive this ideal of living together in a diverse society?

By means of one single image, you can share your vision of the world.

With a photo, a drawing, a painting, an urban art design, express your vision of a better living together at home, in school, in your community, province, country. At the crossroads of a society constantly transforming, many challenges await us and we can all play a key role for the better.

Share your vision with us by participating in the contest A picture is worth a thousand voices!!

The three (3) winners will see their works exposed to a large audience on the various platforms of our program, Open up to the world and its many activities.

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The program Open up to the world and its contest

A picture is worth a thousand voices

This year, our main theme at the Jeune-PROJET Foundation is about living together in a culturally diverse society and we wish to invite students of the whole province to reflect, open his/her horizons on the realities we face today. Cultures, values, multiple visions meet and create new colors, new stories.

Along with the activities which will be offered all year round, we wish to facilitate the exchange of ideas through art, a wonderful tool of expression and dialogue. A picture is really worth a thousand words, a thousand voices, a thousand ideas. We wish to know yours and share it with hundreds of others.

To encourage you to express yourself through visual arts, we invite you to capture what represents for you an inspiring element of multicultural living. Whether it is through a friendly hug, an eloquent expression of someone’s face, the drawing of a symbolic object, an image that deconstruct prejudices, etc., just about any proposal can work because it comes from you, speaks to you and encourages you to open your horizons!

Once your proposal is ready, you can send it by following the instructions detailed below (registration form right here below and the images through wetransfer at

You are entitled to three (3) proposals, thus 3 ideas maximum per person registered.

Open up to the world will promote the winners and their works for the rest of the school year and by that way, will become the program’s theme images for the whole province and via its social networks and website.

Furthermore, the winners will be invited to participate in the Salon Jeunes-PROJET (Jeunes-PROJET Expo) in May, 2018 where more than 300 students from various schools of Quebec will come to present the project they’ve accomplished during the past school year.

So we will wait for you with your ideas and until then, get inspired!

Good luck!

Details of the contest

A picture is worth a thousand voices

Who can participate?

Student of the primary or secondary level in a school in the province of Quebec during the school year 2017-2018.

How to participate?

By filling up the registration form at the bottom of this page and by sending up to three images (drawing, photo, urban art work or painting) by wetransfer ( site to the email address by indicating your name and first name, your age, your gender and your country before November 16th, 2018 midnight, east hour. Any image and registration form received after this date will not be taken into consideration in the contest whatever the circumstances.

What is the prize for the winners?

The three best images will be selected and the winners in the contest A picture is worth a thousand voices will be invited to participate in the Expo Jeunes-PROJET which will be held in May, 2018 in Longueuil, to present their works to the general public. The winning images will be the ones which will accompany all the activities in connection with the program OPEN UP TO THE WORLD (workshops in schools, our annual Banquet, media activities on television, in the print media, etc.) during the period preceding the Expo Jeunes-PROJET in schools from the province of Quebec as well as on the website and on social media. All the participants of the selected images will be notified.

How do I submit my image (s) ?

  • All the submitted images must be accompanied with a title, the date and the place where they were taken and a brief description.
  • Will only be accepted images sent in digital form. The altered or improved images will not be accepted.
  • Images will have to make 10 megabytes and be sent in .JPEG format or .JPG. They will have to make at least 1600 pixels of width (if it is horizontal) or 1600 pixels in height (if it is vertical). They have to be in illustration format with the following standard dimensions in inches: 4X6, 6X6, 5X8, 4X10, 8X10.
  • The participants must have received a written authorization of the person appearing on the images, according to the terms and conditions of the contest.
  • Images cannot contain elements of violence, blasphemy, sex or implicate directly people or organizations. Any image which will be considered offensive will immediately be disqualified.
  • Images cannot carry infringement of rights of third party.
  • Images must not have been produced for a fee or have already been published on the website of the FJP.

A jury will evaluate the images received on the basis of the relevance ofthe image(s) with regards to the objectives of the contest, the composition, the creativity, the originality and the title of the image.

Click here to read the contest rules A picture is worth a thousand voices


Registration form - Contest A picture is worth a thousand voices
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Informations on the image submitted

Informations on the image submitted

Informations on the image submitted